Saturday, 5 January 2013

DIY ★ Tartan circle/skater skirt

I've been on a skirts making frenzy! I didn't realise I have so much fabric that I've bought over the past years that I need to use, so what's better than to make them into pretty skirts that'll make me feel all cute and girly! The first two photos are circle/skater skirts and the last photo is an inverted pleat skirt (I did film the process but it will take me forever to edit the video) made with some alluring curtain-like fabric I found at the new fabric store.

Anyway, circle skirts are so versatile as they can easily be dressed up or down. Tartan is in for this season so I decided to make circle skirt with that pattern which looks so beautiful when I (try to) spin gracefully. So, if you would like to make one, here's a video on how to make it, it's pretty easy, I promise! Just a little maths is involved. :)

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Take care!


  1. Love it! thanks for sharing
    kisses and good night

  2. hey, love the skirts!! I was just wondering how you got the background of the pics to be blured? :)

  3. lovely blog!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing giveaway on my blog

  4. love the skirts but the best one is dotty one i think. I follow you now would you mind follow each other ?:)

  5. I love the skirt, its so lovely

  6. Wow good job! Maybe I try this too, look so easy ^^

  7. You have a great style


  8. That's a really awesome tutorial, you made it look so easy!! :) xx

  9. This is sooo pretty!! :) I was wondering would twill be too bulky for this type of skirt? I am a beginner at sewing, much appreciated!!