Sunday, 7 April 2013


hat from primark // t-shirt from vivi-clothes // disco pants from charity shop + diy // heels from wholesale-dress

I missed out the winter one due to the lack of free time and space to film, but I'm back with the spring fashion trends of 2013, enjoy!!

Take care :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

DIY ★ Off shoulder Stripey Crop Top

A super simple and easy DIY for you all! After seeing Jenn from clothesencounters and Zoe from fashiononymous wearing their off shoulder stripey crop top from nastygal, I really wanted one too because they're just so flattering, but as a girl who prefers to go to charity shops rather than splashing a lot of money to buy it from high street stores, I decided to make my own cheap and lazy version of it.

I adore this top and I seriously can't wait to wear it with my dungarees that I have made from a couple of years ago, finally the long awaited dungarees are the spotlight of the season!

Let me know what you think and take care!