Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Hey everyone, today I'm going to do something a little special. I do like wearing my circle lenses so this will be my review of the Geo tri color brown circle lenses kindly sponsored by loveshoppingholics. And boy, the packaging was so adorable and it came with a cute elephant lens case!

Just a little give you a little background information, I started wearing circle lenses 3 years ago. I only wear them occasionally for parties and day trips with friends, so I wouldn't say I'm an expert. But don't worry, my opinion will be completely honest so you can take my word for it :)

All the past circle lenses I have had in the past are by GEO, as you can see on the bottle, there is a authentic check sticker which you scratch to review a series of code. You can enter this on and this will ensure your circle lenses are truly genuine and safe to wear.

Colour & Design 4/5
I do love the shade of light brown of this pair of circle lenses which seems somewhat pixelated, although strangely, from the close up photo of my eyes, you can see a slight difference between the two lenses, which I have no idea why.

Enlargement 5/5
I didn't actually choose this pair of circle lenses for enlargement, I just wanted a lighter shade of brown for my eyes. So the size of 14.5mm is perfect as it's not too big that will make me look like an alien.

Comfort 4/5
They do make my eyes feel a bit dry after hours of wearing them, but hey, that happens with every other pair of lenses! If I'm wearing them for a short term, they just feel so comfortable as if I'm not wearing them at all.

So overall, these are a pair of great lenses and if you're looking for a pair of half natural, half creep people out pair of lenses, I would say go for these ones!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!
Take care :)
~ Mannie

Sunday, 22 September 2013


 fedora from choies // cardigan from chicnova // tee from h&m // disco pants from charity shop // bag from jessica buurman // shoes  from wholesale-dress // circle lenses from  loveshoppingholics

It's such a shame that autumn has already arrived and I rarely get to wear this lovely cardigan, I wish it was long sleeve so it can give me a bit more warmth but then it would lose the beauty of draping at the perfect length... Anyway, I'm currently going through a hat phase, I need to stop myself from buying hats, as I am typing this, a devil horn beanie is on it's way in the post. 

Recently I've been doing more blog posts than videos, it's seriously so much easier and less stressful because it can literally take an entire day from filming to editing then rendering, in the process I would have to spend an hour to look for the perfect background music too! So until college has calmed down a bit more, I think I'll be focusing on my blog more. 

Speaking of college I originally got this bag and planned for it to be my everyday college bag, however it turned out to be smaller than I thought and I couldn't even fit an A4 notepad in it let alone any ring binders! Nevertheless, I love the two different textures on this bag and am going to use it as a casual day/night out bag instead! :)

Take care! <3
~ Mannie

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


 blouse from oasap // shorts are vintage // necklace from wholesale-dress // glasses from firmoo // bag is a present // shoes  + headband from primark

So I went to Chichester with my friends for a day out, as well as a trip to the Pallet House gallery to gather information for my textiles homework... although we only spent around 15 minutes in there because we stayed in the free area.

I adore this mesh blouse from Oasap! Just wish that the weather wouldn't change so soon so I could wear it the simplest way with just a tank top underneath! 

Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, 2 September 2013


 cardigan from oasap // top from h&m // necklace from ebay // shorts from choies // shoes from primark

A photographed version for lookbook from my Back to School/College video! I can't explain how much I love the Bart shorts from Choies, would definitely wear them every day if it's socially acceptable ha!

Choies's Bart shorts:

Thanks for reading :)