Saturday, 9 November 2013


coat from jessica buurman // shirt from vateno // shorts are vintage// flatforms from ebay
The photos came out a little blurry because it was so gloomy outside and so I had to change the aperture and shutter speed on my camera. But I couldn't wait for another day to take the photos because I'm so excited to share with you that after hunting for a year, I have finally found my perfect black winter coat! It has a (faux) leather accent on the collar which makes it pretty eccentric. I like how there's just enough arm space in the sleeves so my arm won't look bulky even with a sweater underneath. 

In this outfit I layered the coat on top of a gradient floral shirt for a slight hint of colour because there has been too many monochromatic outfits lately! Oh, I've owned these flatform boots for over a year now, nice to take them out for a little walk again after neglecting them for the past few months. I'm sorry.

Jessica Buurman's coat:

Take care m'dear!
~ Mannie