Thursday, 20 February 2014


cardigan from salvation army // dress from wholesale-dress // bag from oasap // tights from john lewis // boots from persunmall 
As you can see, this dark red colour is my favourite shade of all time, I feel like there is a sense of elegance and classiness yet with the pattern of polka dots it emits a hint of youthfulness and naiveness. This outfit is inspired by Pago's very own Cloudy Cherry, the cardigan is nicely added to break up the overall redness.

I've been adoring this suede bag which is a perfect size for a day out, it fits all your essentials like keys, mobile phone, purse, and even an art journal! Although the only downside is that it's not exactly big enough for all my folders for college... but hey it's in my favourite shade! This pair of peculiar boots made me gasp when I first saw it, in a good way. Now I live in the constant fear that the heel might break off... something that is absolutely unnecessary to worry about because it is pretty strong.

The last picture contains a combination of items which I adore in the shade of dark red. Hope you love them just as much as I do!

Mannie x

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


cardigan from mart of china // top from charity shop // bag from baginc // skirt from romwe // necklace from jessica buurman // shoes from storenvy

I don't know how to express myself anymore, I have became useless with words. Sometimes I really wish things would go back to they were. Don't we all have that golden time of our life when everything was perfect and there's nothing else you'd need? I think from now on, my blogs will be more like dairies, it feels much easier to be able to speak to people who I don't know. It hurts much less when people who don't know you have opinions about you or disrespects you.

Okay, enough of that wtfwaswrongwithme talk. Feels so much better now that I've let it out. Anyway, happy Chinese new year! It's the year of the horse, I wish you all 龍馬精神! (That means something like "the energy like a dragon and a horse)

I went out filming with my friend Connor and here's a video of it!

Mannie x