Thursday, 6 March 2014


shirt, scarf and skirt from jessica buurman // jumper from sheinside // shoes from persunmall

So this is going to be a looong blog post, you know how sometimes you just have the sudden urge to write everything down? Well, I'm feeling it right now, and it's very rare so let's jump right into this! Quite a lot has been going on lately and I'm pretty sure a lot of you can relate: preparations for exams, coursework, everything students go through. 

However... I managed to steal some time to watch Pretty Little Liars whilst doing my textiles coursework... and I kind of regret it because I am addicted to it. I didn't really expect it to be amazeballs but the storyline is so intriguing... not to mention that the English teacher Ezra Fitz (played by Ian Harding) is the definitely of eye candy, just his smile is enough to melt everyone's heart.

Anyway, enough about Pretty Little Liars, I'm only midway through season 1 and I'm talking about it non stop! (Do not spoil it for me, I'm warning ya!) So, let's move onto the outfit here. I'm wearing this polyester shirt with a peculiar cut-out collar that's in pleather material, it just adds that umph to a classic white shirt, I think I would get so much wear out of it because it's a wardrobe staple that goes with anything. I layered on a mint green jumper which is relatively thin to give a nice shade of pastel colour to the outfit, I'm also wearing a simple woollen black skirt, that is actually my first ever plain black skirt! To finish it off I have on a pair of ankle boots with a cut-out heel that surprises everyone when they see it!

I thought I'd feature this phone case here because the shades Fitz (Pretty Little Liars reference, oh gosh I need to stop) so well with my outfit! The pastel colour is one of my favourite colour scheme and it reminds me of spring, which I am really looking forward to!

If you don't know already, this design is the world's most stylish bunny Fifi Lapin. This cute little creature captures everyone's heart, and this oddly adorable design of her in a tea cup and saucer outfit had me in awe! It fits my iPhone 4 snugly so I don't have to worry about my phone back being scratched. The phone case isn't bulky at all so it still feels normal when you hold it in your hand.

I got this phone case from Iconemesis and they have a range of iPhone 4-5S cases designed by artists such as Gemma Correll and Cat Sims. So make sure to check them out!

Mannie x


  1. Love your shoes! x

  2. Your hair looks amazing. Love that phone case as well!

  3. love the hair and your outfit!

  4. Nice outfit...I love your hair....