Thursday, 31 July 2014

✿ STYLE CHALLENGE ✿ ft. Annika Victoria

Have you guys ever heard of the super duper awesome Annika Victoria from The Pineneedle Collective? If not then you have been missing out! Sounds cliché, I know, but I cannot express how excited I am to share this with you all!

So after a long time of stalking her blog over at The Pineneedle Collective, we finally began messaging each other and I took this opportunity to ask if Annika would like to do a YouTube collaboration with me, and she said YES! (Why does this somehow sound like a marriage proposal...I felt pretty fortunate nevertheless!)

Anyway, Annika came up with this awesome idea which is to compete with what we both love - clothes! She suggested a style challenge where we have to style one item of clothing and to come up with as many outfits as possible, whoever has the most points, wins!

Want to find out who was the winner? Watch our videos! The top one is my take on the challenge and the bottom one is by Annika :)

Okay... so I must confess, when we were filming, Annika did give me a hint of how many outfits she has put together... and I was determined to beat it, but I actually find that her outfits have more of a variation than mine haha!

Let us know what you think of our challenge!!

Mannie xx

Thursday, 24 July 2014


My best friend Ella (ellabellemin) and I were fortunate enough to be invited to the Lush Portsmouth Summer Skin Event which took place a few weeks ago. I have finally got round to editing the footage I have from the evening and also introducing some of the products from the goodie bags we were given by them. 

^ group photo snatched from Becky's blog ;)

When Ella and I arrived at the store, we were greeted by fellow blogger Becky from beckybedbug, then we also met Amzy from amzyinwonderland and Alice from anniewritesbeauty, at the very end of the event we have also made friends with Vanessa at vanessaswhimsicalworld!

Throughout the evening, we had the chance to have a foot treatment with some of their lovely products such as the Stepping Stone which is amazing at exfoliation, along with the foot cream my feet were left very soft... like a baby's butt. I was also very exciting during the face mask making because it was interesting to see how the ingredients were mixed together to form a paste, we got a little messy but hey ho!

Below is a video of me talking you through some of the lovely Lush products!!

Thank you to the team at Lush Portsmouth, we all had such an awesome time and definitely a great first time experience!

Mannie xx

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


shirt from vateno // jumper from charity shop // shorts from jessica buurman // grey pork pie from topshop // shoes from dresslink

Is it awful that I've been feeling a bit of a post-exam blues? My last exam was over exactly four weeks ago and I feel like I now have too much time on my hands. Definitely not complaining, but it's just quite odd to know that I don't have to constantly revise and do past papers. Strangely I still feel a sense of guilt though whilst I was watching the CBS drama Elementary, an American version of Sherlock Holmes with a female Watson, pretty good. Maybe the sense of guilt is triggered by the fact that I feel like I should be educating myself every second, just maybe.

Two weeks ago I've had a photo session with my friend Eddie, I've had such a fun time and the lovely weather made it even better. It was a nice to have Eddie being a director too because I never know what pose to make or where to look, a professional experience! We managed to shoot all four of my somewhat "British inspired" outfits and this is the first one that I want to share with you guys!!

Eddie's links (You know you wanna click it yeah):