Sunday, 18 January 2015


  pork pie hat from topshop // cardigan  from choies // shirt from romwe // skirt from jessica buurman // shoes from ebay
Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and welcome to 2015! I went to back to my home town for two weeks, it was wonderful to see my friends again after so long! Anyway, my January exams are over, and it turns out that I did very well in the module I absolutely hate (computing for maths) but did awful in the modules that are just a bit more developed from a-level (calculus...). Surprisingly my parents found it very amusing and cracked up when I told them about it over the phone.

This second semester, I have promised myself to be on top of my notes and won't end up being in a hectic state before the exams, well... that's not exactly going well since I'm currently procrastinating... 

For the past few days my flatmates and I have to going crazy searching for a house for next year, and we seem to have found a wonderful house in the city centre! We're so excited to move in next year, although it is still another 7 months away!

I've been quite into the British fashion lately, I figured stripes and  checked patterns are the way to go, so I'm matching my blue vertical striped cardigan with this lovely checkered printed skirt from Jessica Buurman, paired with a chiffon white blouse and some burgundy tights for a pop of colour (plus I will never let go of how beautiful the combination of dark blue and burgundy is). I also bought myself a pair of platform brogues as a Christmas gift, it's definitely going to get many wears! The skirt I'm wearing is in a size S, it fits nicely on me (I'm a size 6-8), however it does feel a bit too tight right after I had dinner, but I suppose that happens with every other item of clothing!

Also, here's a little funny screenshot of comments on one of my videos on YouTube to brighten your day:

I think that's the end of my rambling, I hope you will all enjoy 2015 and make the best of out it!

Mannie xx