Wednesday, 22 April 2015


   sunglasses & shoes from jessica buurman // cardigan  from salvation army // top & skirt are made by me

How's it going my dearies? I think this is one of my few favourites outfit photos taken, probably because it was taken by my mother instead of the usual tripod! She hasn't picked up a camera in years but now she's considering doing it more often. These were taken when I visited home over the Easter break, but now I'm back at university and currently procrastinating in my room. Oh how I miss not having to cook for myself! 

Over the last month a lot has happened, I went to the city of Bath for a visit with my awesome friends and of course, I took the chance to make a vlog out of it. I spent quite a bit of effort into editing so it would be great if you can have a watch in the video below!

I made this cropped lace trim top along with an a-line skirt to match, quite proud of myself because I made it from scratch with no pattern to follow! Although there is definitely room for improvement. I wore the pearl embellished shoes with this outfit since cardigan does bring out the hint of white on the shoes pretty well! I'm also digging the gold bracket on the heel, a very nice touch overall.

Jessica Buurman shoes:

Now I am off to the library to begin my dreadful revision, you can hype this look on the side bar and see you later! ->

Mannie xx