Sunday, 5 June 2016


bomber jacket from jessica buurman // top from h&m// skirt from depop // shoes from nike

So second year of university has came to an end, exams are finished (not quite sure how badly I did but let's not think about it until results day). Guess who has gone and secured a summer internship? ;) Me! I will be be a 9 till 5 working woman strolling through the city of London for the next couple of months, hopefully not tripping up in the middle of the road in my heels!

A little announcement to make is that... I have been elected as the president of Fashion Society at my university! I am quite excited to bring my love for DIY projects into the society next year, hopefully it will all go well.

I absolutely love the outcome of this photoshoot with my dear friend Sam, you should definitely check out his flickr by clicking HERE. This lucky man is off to Australia for a semester as an exchange student, so I am going have to find myself a new photographer or you know, go back to my good old tripod ha!

Ever since I received this jacket, I have been wearing it non-stop. In fact, I am wearing it right now as I type! It feels very silky and soft, and a perfect match to wear pretty much anything! Two very delicate Robins are embroidered exquisitely on each of the sides, definitely makes a statement on this jacket! The blocks of dark blue and white stripes compliment each other very well. The only trouble that I sometimes have is keeping the white stripes clean, it is just a tad difficult when I am always moving about!

Jessica Buurman Bomber Jacket:

Fun fact:  Did you know original bomber jackets are called MA-1 and are primarily made for Navy fighter pilots? No, neither did I until I looked into it!

Thank you for reading!

Mannie x